media wall inside a STEM building

New STEM building a place to ‘learn, discover and innovate’

University photographers and videographers tour the six-story facility, which will provide class and study space for over 10,000 students every semester.

VCU opened a new six-story science, technology, engineering and math building in April. Built on the site of the old Franklin Street Gym, the 168,000-square-foot facility adds labs, classrooms and offices for the College of Humanities and Sciences, VCU’s largest college. It includes 32 teaching labs, a math exchange, a science learning center and two 250-seat classrooms, and will provide class and study space for over 10,000 students every semester, beginning in fall 2023. 

University photographers and videographers toured the building the month it opened:

outside of a big academic building

The STEM building viewed from West Franklin Street.

media wall inside a STEM building

A two-story display represents scientific fields that will be taught in the building.

futuristic meeting room

It includes labs and workspaces for VCU's largest college …

helix pattern on a ceiling

… and houses a math exchange, a science-learning center and two 250-seat classrooms.

STEM lab

Inside one of the building's 32 laboratories.

skull on a table in a forensic lab

The building is home to a forensic sciences lab and an anthropology and forensics lab.

students walking down a hallway

Students walk down the hallway, right, outside a plant-growing laboratory.

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