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Cocoa Brown enjoys a lighter moment before a comedy show in Washington, D.C.

Arts & Culture

Hot Cocoa

Farah “Cocoa” Brown (B.S.’95) has more than 100 film and TV credits, but the stand-up stage is where her soul shines


illustration of magic mushrooms and the human brain

Research & Discovery

The Magical Mystery Receptor

It’s a new era for psychedelic research. Long-banned drugs like LSD and psilocybin are being reevaluated for their therapeutic potential against depression and addiction. Biochemist Javier González-Maeso is separating the mystical from medical science.

david ashton

Arts & Culture

The Delight Is in the Details

David Ashton (B.F.A.’62) founded two creative agencies, rescued a 19th-century farmhouse from ruin and helped make baseball parks timeless again. Here, he explains why simple is beautiful (though never easy) and the importance of trusting your first idea.

illustration of the american flag and a government capitol building

Politics & Government

‘The Guardians of Process’

A now somewhat-forgotten president created America’s professional civil service in 1883 and, by extension, modern U.S. government. Since then, civil servants have flourished and grown more and more necessary, all in the face of never-ending aspersions.

Online exclusives

A city block of care

A peek inside the 16-story Children’s Tower at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU

Engine blocks

Engineering alum Noah Armistead (B.S.’22) chats about a replica Ferrari engine he’s building out of Lego bricks


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